Author: Lillie Reynolds

How Search Engine Optimization works

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be found in the internet cyber world easily, but a lot of people still do not know what the true meaning is and how it functions. Some may have a misconception of it like it can be understood as a jargon or word that is used by the internet geeks but it is not.

The thorough understanding what is the function of SEO and what is its function in the internet world, is to educate oneself first, before going it to know. There can be some algorithms, and other hard terms to understand.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of organizing sites based on the ranks. Means, if a site that can be found on top in the search engine of Google is a site that is recommended by the Google SEO. To be on top means a lot of opportunity that there will be a massive visitors that are going to visit your website. Many surfers of internet do not visit sites mostly that are in the lower position or ranks. Like sites that are in 6-7th ranks, these sites tend to be not related to the searched topic but has the keywords to it.  


According to an SEO in Philippines, SEO’s main function is giving and providing the site what people are looking for, by matching their needs by having suitable keywords that supports the words the surfers searched in the search engines of the website.


seeking the right webpages in the web

Many search engines have bots that works in identifying the site, the bots analyze the text of the site they interpret the site. However this bots are not really advanced enough to interpret audios, images and videos and a solution for it is to describe what the thing really is. Also put in mind that this bots do not just interpret text from the site but also the different codes of the site being made.


Finally the links that serves as one of the most important thing that SEO must have in order to have a better place or rank in the ranking system of a website.

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization in online marketing

seo in digital marketing

Having a certain rank at the top can have a certain big advantage against other competitors, especially in the business world. Making it to the top is not easy though, because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will have to study and organize the site if it is really suitable to be on top.


There are many possible benefits that a business owner can get, if the site is in the top, against other competitor, some of the possible effects of search engine optimization (SEO) are: The site will gain the trust rating from the SEO, specifically in Google system; Making it on top means there will be a lot of other competitors are doing their best in bringing your site down, in order for them to be on top; Lastly, the Ads cannot disturb your site because of its credibility.


Having a professional search engine optimization staffs or SEO company who offers monthly seo services with decent pricing can really make a site to the top, if the business owner really believes and trust that an SEO can really help a site to be on top.

As mentioned in a quote, SEO can invite a million of people to surf and visit the website. However, if the website run out of space it will result to traffic which is not a good idea, it will congest a lot of visitors in which the system cannot handle that is why it is better to be prepared- buy a large enough software or build enough space.


Having a search engine optimization will do their job by boosting the website to be on top, there lot of various tactics and things to do in boosting a site to be on top. Unlike advertisement in which if the website stop paying for them, they will also stop working, the SEO is a permanent one, having it can really secure the future of the business, just choose the right people to work with it, or the company to do the job. Therefore it’s highly important to choose the right seo services for your small business.

Once, your site gets on top, it will need a lot of maintenance to secure being on top, it will needed to be checked from time to time, and also there must be watchers from other competitors that are just waiting to bring down the rank of the site.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) has made a colossal impact to the business world, specifically in the online marketing. To be able to reach a high rank position in the Google, means that the site is a trusted and recommended by the programmers and other authorities. By the help of links, a site can improve and increase its standing to the higher place or rankings.

search in digital marketingToday we are living are now in a competitive marketing, not just in the physical or real world but also in the online business world. Many online business owner, tend to compete each other by having a higher rank than their competitors. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helped millions of people every day in only 24 hours straight, by giving the right answers and other related close answers to the things that people are looking in the internet search engines.

Furthermore, having a good made website is also one of the ways on how to have good search engine optimizations by serving the clients, surfers, or customers with good smooth functioning website. Many people who surf the internet looking for something doesn’t really goes deeper below the searched engine, like the surfers will just click the sites in mostly in the higher rank, like in the top three ranks in the server. Many surfers or costumers are surely looking for a legit site in the internet than being engaged in the scam ones, mostly sites that is in the higher ranks can be trusted due to its process before it reached the higher that site already faced a lot things before it is placed in the higher rank.

By the help of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the business marketing can have a bigger advantage from its other competitor, if the site is on the top rank, than those who are in the lower rank.


Nowadays, in the modern era where technology is in the state of rapid innovative increase in which by the help of technology it can make life better and easier, like buying a product with just one click in the internet, it is still better have a good knowledge about it.

Importance of Keywords in the Search Engine Optimization

Picking the right keyword before making the website is one of the most important things to do first. Many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) creator masters this kind of techniques because they believe that having a better keyword or phrase is the key to be on top on the system rank of the search engines.


keyword importanceA keyword must be emphasized on what it really conveys to be easily found by the surfers or people who are searching about it. It can be a phrase that has four words or a little bit more. Many Search Engines the website in the higher rank or in the top rank based on the searcher’s word or phrases being searched in the search engines, like search engines of Google.


Choose a keyword that can easily hook the people who are searching, keywords that provides the people needs easily, to help people satisfy the site they’re looking for. Educate yourself, and research about what phrases or keywords that people are really using, be an open-minded on what type or kid the people are using. Have an insight about those keywords or phrases to easily provide the information the people are looking for. Do a research about it, on how to provide the information people are looking for.


In writing or choosing the keyword or phrase also think about your article if that keyword really suits well about the article being made. Some of the website are not just made by one person, there are many people behind it, talk about the people around it, make a brain storming of ideas, collaborate to other members to come up a better idea about the right keyword that suits the article. Many people who searched in the Google system, thinks that websites that are on top is the one they’ve been looking for, and those who are in the lower ranks are just related articles, that just come up because of the keywords that the searcher have been looking for. You can also make a sub-phrases about the keywords to be easily found by the searchers.